Poster Presentations

Section A

1.  Keith Stanton (Bristol): 'Comparative Law in the House of Lords and Supreme Court'
2.  Manon George (Cardiff): 'Welsh Devolution and the Supreme Court'
3.  Stephen Clear (Bangor): 'Understanding Public Procurement Judicial Review: Beyond Government Consultations and Reform'
4.  Charlotte Woodhead (Warwick): 'Legal and quasi legal treatment of cultural heritage objects in England'
5.  Norma Dawson (Queen's, Belfast): 'Tis 400 years since: England in Ireland, Ireland in England. The Ulster Plantation – a London-based Trust for the People of Ireland?'
6.  Andrea Loux Jarman (Bournemouth): 'Law and Authority: Custom, Riot and Recreation in Nineteenth-Century Scotland'
7.  Jonathan Collins (UCL): 'The Wild, Wild Net: Copyright – Dead or Alive?'
8.  Peter Harrison (York): 'A step too far? A normative examination of the scope within drug discovery of positive indigenous rights in traditional therapeutic knowledge'
9.  Jo Ann Boylan-Kemp (Nottingham Trent): 'The role of mooting in modern day legal education; all students, all subjects, all years?'
10.  Kathryn Dutton (Chester) and Christopher Broad (Chester): 'Great Expectations?: Examining and Managing Undergraduate Law Student Expectations in the Changed Funding Climate'
11.  Louise Taylor (Nottingham Trent): 'Enhancing Numerical Literacy in the QLD'
12.  Ashley Savage (Northumbria) and Richard Hyde (Nottingham): 'Whistleblowing: Local Authorities and the Regulatory Enforcement of Food Businesses'
13.  Sue Farran (Northumbria): 'Guerrillas in my Garden?'
14.  Brian Christopher Jones (Academia Sinica, Taiwan): 'Preventing Political and Promotional Language in Contemporary Statute
15.  Judith Townend (City): 'Defamation's "chilling effect": Mapping the social articulation of a legal concept'
16.  Mariette Jones (Middlesex): 'The state, the universities and liberal legal education: Students' views from England, South Africa and Mauritius'
17.  Emma Smith (Northumbria): 'Bad Character Evidence and the Jury'
18.  Louise Taylor (Nottingham Trent)  and Jo Ann Boylan-Kemp (Nottingham Trent): 'Utilising the Victim Personal Statement Scheme as a Vulnerable and Intimidated Victim Detection Device'
19.  Majida Ismael (Liverpool): 'Establishing the rule of law in Iraq : Judicialisation of Constitution between Rights and Structural Protection'

Section B

1.  Hannah Jones (Staffordshire): 'Choosing parents who are choosing parenthood'
2.  Paul Bernal (UEA): 'The US, the EU, the UK and the Right to be Forgotten'
3.  Sarah Devaney (Manchester) and Alexandra Mullock (Manchester): 'Analysing Criminal and Civil Concepts of Causation in the Medical Setting'
4.  Rhona Smith (Northumbria): 'Classic Eurovision voting goes global – a review of the first cycle of UN Human Rights Council's universal periodic review'
5.  Janet Furness (Central Lancashire): 'Use of force against rogue states: legal and legitimate?'
6.  Mahfuz Rafiq (Manchester): 'The legal barriers in the application of Islamic insurance policies (Takaful) in the English legal system and their way out'
7.  Rhona Smith (Northumbria) and Sue Farran (Northumbria): 'On the Edge of Adulthood'
8.  Collins Chikodili Ajibo (Manchester): 'Reconceptualisation of International Investment Rules'
9.  Timothy Dodsworth (Warwick) and Christopher Bisping (Warwick): 'A comparative study of automatically renewable contracts in European jurisdictions'
10.  Zoe Swan (Brighton Business School): 'A post metamorphosis analysis of a family law module using problem based learning'
11.  Eranjan Padumadasa (QMUL): 'Key to our privacy: the role of consent in data protection law'
12.  Li Jiang (Bangor): 'Space for flexibility: Lessons from the European Union harmonization model in human embryonic stem cell regulation'
13.  Elaine Mclaughlin (Glasgow Caledonian): 'Ethnic minority women and domestic abuse in Scotland: The two year immigration rule and its consequences'
14.  Daniel Fenwick (Durham): 'Human rights and terminal choices in palliative care'
15.  Pedithep Youyuenyong (De Montfort): 'A Comparison between the Light Pollution Laws in the US and Scotland'
16.  Kim Bouwer (UCL): 'Get it right (duty), but not too right (wrong)'
17.  Saheed Alabi (Strathclyde): 'Climate Change, Urban Environment and Enforcement of Legal Obligations'
18.  Claire Lougarre (UCL) 'The Legal Content of the Right to Health'
19.  Jennifer Kelleher (Vienna): 'The Ecology of Law: Protected Areas and Postcolonial Landscape' (Thursday only)
20.  Uzuazo Etermire (Strathclyde): 'Thinking Transnationally: Improving the Law on Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making in Nigeria' (Friday only)

Please note that this programme is subject to alteration.

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