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Education Committee

Professor Fiona Cownie (Chair) Keele University 31/12/17
Professor Chris Ashford Northumbria University 31/12/16
Ms Jess Guth Bradford University 31/12/17
Ms Chris Willmore Bristol University 31/12/16
Professor Tony Bradney Keele University 31/12/16
Professor Alan Paterson Strathclyde University 31/12/17
Caroline Strevens (Co-opted) Portsmouth University
Dr Greta Bosch University of Exeter 31/12/17

Please visit the Education Committee page for more details.

Libraries Committee

Mr Jules Winterton (Chair) IALS, London 31/12/16
Dr Adaeze Okoye Canterbury Christchurch University 31/12/18
Dr Tom Burns Aberdeen University 31/12/16
Ms Lisa Jones Portsmouth University 31/12/18
Dr Yvonne McDermott Bangor University 31/12/16
Ms Nicola Wake Northumbria University 31/12/18

Please visit the Libraries Committee page for more details.

Research Awards Committee

The President
Professor Roger Brownsword King's College, London 31/12/18
Professor Alice Belcher Dundee University 31/12/18
Professor Keith Stanton University of Bristol 31/12/17
Professor Nick Wikeley (Chair) Emeritus Southampton 31/12/16
Professor Lucy Vickers Oxford Brookes University 31/12/18

NB: This committee was known formerly as the Academic Purposes Fund Committee.

Annual Conference Advisory Committee

The President (Chair)
Vice-President Elect
Immediate Past President
Subject Sections Secretary
Hon Treasurer
Webmaster (Co-opted)

Nominations Sub-Committee

The President (Chair)
The Hon Secretary
Professor Emeritus Nick Wikeley Southampton University 31/12/18
Professor Sarah Worthington Cambridge University 31/12/18

Research Sub-Committee

The President (Chair)
The Hon Secretary
Professor David Feldman Cambridge University 31/12/18
Professor Richard Goldberg Durham University 31/12/16
Professor Jill Poole Aston University 31/12/18
Professor Duncan Sheehan Leeds University 31/12/16
Professor Catharine McMillan Reading University 31/12/16
Professor Stephen Bailey Nottingham University 31/12/17

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